Saturday, July 24, 2010

how do I show my family I care though the busy times?

Okay, so we all can pretty much say there are times we feel like we eat, work and go to sleep. Our own time schedules can be busy as well as managing the rest of the families. Having family meetings just to touch bases are great and we found a great activity you can do to really show one another how much you care.

Keeping Up With Kindness Notes:
Materials: Sheets of paper for each family member, pens or markers,
Process: Write the names of each family member on the top of the paper then pass them around and have each one write 3 specific things you appreciate about that family member.
*I like how you help your little sister without being asked, it really shows me you really care and what a kind person you are!
*Thank you for cleaning your room without being asked this week! When you work around the house like that it shows me what a responsible person you are! Thank you.
*I love how you help your brother get dressed each morning. I know you are busy and when you take time for him he loves it and so do I. Thank you and I love you!
Procedure: Have each family member keep a kindness note that belongs to someone else. During the week everyone place the note somewhere where that family member can find it. At the breakfast table, under a pillow...get creative!
 Adaption for Little Ones: Little ones that aren't yet writing can still contribute. You can take dictation from them or allow them to draw a picture on the paper of how much they care. Little ones love explaining their pictures!


Theresa Milstein said...

Learning to be thoughtful and considerate is such an important lesson.

I keep trying to comment on your green blog, but it won't let me.

Barbra Stephens said...

Hi Theresa, hey, thanks for letting me know about the blog. working on it.