Tuesday, June 15, 2010

getting our kids to understand win-win situations

Win-win situations take a bit of problem solving. Having an awareness of the feelings of others around you and knowing what it is like to feel sad takes empathy and compassion in our thinking. Practicing this form of positive problem solving with children can be as easy as making a Win-Win Grid.

How to make a Win-Win Grid with kids:
Materials needed: Paper, crayons or markers
The process: Discuss what a win win situation is. Sometimes problem solving can mean everyone feels happy. Discuss how it feels to win something or to lose or have something lost. When creating a scenario we use a single piece of candy and explain that you and a friend are arguing over it. We write down or name all the options the children come up with and see if we can get to win-win.

What the children came up with:
"I get the candy if I have it first." = I win! You lose!
"No one gets any candy because we are fighting." = I lose! You lose!
"Fine! I don't want it because you will be mad." = I lose! You win!
"Hey! Let's break it in the middle, you get some and I get some!" = I win! You win!

Give this conflict resolution technique a try and let us know how it goes for you...

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