Friday, July 1, 2011

how can I help an angry child in the classroom?

Everyone gets angry. Usually, the younger the child is the more help they need from us adults in managing their emotions. Helping kids to label their feelings, listening and talking with them and providing a safe environment for open communication is key. But what about activities we can do with our little ones during the cool down process? Young children face a full spectrum of emotions throughout their day. We have complied some tried and true activities to do with kids to help them relax and relieve tension and stress.

Great Activities For Helping Angry Kids Relieve Stress in the Classroom:
1. Poking, punching or pulling: Play dough or clay is a great activity to have on hand! Encourage kids to poke pull and pound it. After feeling it's smooth cool texture, kids can't resist making a work of art.
2. Throwing: Bean bags, balls that are soft, or wadded up newspaper or socks help kids that are angry and feel a need to throw. We have made a special CD with music from STAR WARS and kids throw the items into a wastebasket. It's always a hit!
3. Hitting: Hammer toys are excellent for focusing in and relieving tension. Pounding inexpensive golf tees in Plasticine clay or Styrofoam blocks have the same effect.
4. Kicking and pounding: Giant inflatable punching bags not only relieve stress and anger but get kids laughing and trying out special kicks.
5. "I'm so angry!": Some angry kids just need some quiet time to sit and think. Water has a soothing effect on everyone! Offer water colors to paint with or tubs of water to scoop and pour from.
6. Relieving overall stress: Have kids bring their own lotion at the beginning of the year. Suggest they sit, relax and they can apply cool lotion to their skin.

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