Friday, June 4, 2010

teaching techniques for helping kids cope with anger

Anger and stress really go hand in hand. The stress we can put on our body by being angry can cause headaches, stomachaches, even nose bleeds. Learn to control our emotions before they control us takes practice. Here is an easy acronym to help both adults and kids remember how to cope with anger.

The Stress Technique:

S= Step back, take a long breath.
T= Talk it out.
R= Relax. Read a good book.
E= Exercise.
S= Sing aloud.
S= Slow down.

Being a volcano of emotions isn't healthy or helpful when you want to communicate. A fun activity kids love are actually making volcanoes, we often use this activity to demonstrate what happens when we avoid using these stress managing techniques.

Materials: Flat surface (we usually do this outdoors), vinegar, baking soda, a small cup and spoon.

Procedure: Talk to kids about the different emotions they feel, sometimes they feel all bottled up and we feel like we're about to pop. Brainstorm with the kids about why and when they may have felt this way.

The Process: Fill a cup 1/3 full of vinegar and have child begin adding a spoonful of baking soda. The reaction is quick and looks like and eruption.

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