Thursday, June 24, 2010

teaching kids how their attitude impacts others

There are many stories for kids that discuss morals and consequences to our behavior. I have found that oral storytelling works very well and can be tailored to any situation. It takes a bit of practice, but children ages 4 and up can really use there imagination!
Sometimes we don't feel like being in a good mood. We have found a story that will really show kids how attitude impacts others around them. In oral storytelling, the beauty of it is that each time you can expound in it and tailor it to a situation.

The Story of the Bus Driver
It was hot and sticky day in (your city or town) where all the people lived. It put everyone in a bad mood. People began to grumble and push each other. Some complained the didn't like (your city or town) where they lived and everyone was in a rush to get home.
The Bus Driver was a very happy person. No one ever saw him angry or upset no matter how hard a day he was having. He was even polite to the people that were rude. Today was a different day, and angry hot and sweaty day. But still, the bus driver was happy.
"Hello!" He said as angry people got on the bus, "It's good to see you, come on in and have a seat!" He said smiling. He did this for all the people that came on the bus.
"Hey! don't for get to visit the museum in (your city or town) or stop by and get and ice cream at (local ice cream shop)!" He would say to the people. The happy smile from the bus driver surprised the people at first. But as the talked and laughed with them something began to happen to the people. An amazing and wonderful change. The people began to feel happy, too!
It was as if all their bad and angry feeling were washed away.
"Hope to see you again! Have a great day!" the bus driver said smiling and waving to all the children, families and people as they got off the bus.
The bus driver never knew that he was the one spreading good happy feelings through (your city or town), (your state). But he did. Each time he smiled, greeted and laughed with the people.
He helped everyone realize that they could have a great wonderful and happy day.


Theresa Milstein said...

I like how the bus driver story demonstrates the positive impact we can have instead of the negative impact. Kids hear a lot "Don't". This is a "Do".

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