Wednesday, June 2, 2010

how to help preschoolers communicate their feelings

Part of resolving conflicts with children is helping them communicate effectively. Someone can have great intentions or ideas but if they don't know how to get it across to others it will never be understood by others. Children learn by watching others, repeating and mimicking behaviors. Which is why what I say and do 'anywhere' is an opportunity to teach good or bad social skills and behaviors.
I have a simple technique that is easy to remember for helping preschoolers communicate their feelings while getting them across to others effectively.

Techniques For Helping Preschoolers Communicate Their Feelings:

When a situation has gotten heated it is best to wait until everyone calms down. Kids are naturally quick to forgive and play together so teaching effective communication tips before a situation arises is best. This is the phrase we teach our little ones.

"When you_______________,
 I feel/felt,______________,and what I need from you instead is_______________________."

We coach both preschoolers through the process and we start to see children get it on their own. I am also sure to model this myself as well as with puppets or in story telling. It's a wonderful feeling to see children defuse a situation with this technique!

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