Saturday, June 5, 2010

how do I teach children the difference between wants and needs?

"I want it!"
"I need that!"

These are things children often say to assert a need or a want. As children get a bit older it is an opportunity to truly understand the difference not only between a want verses a need, but that a blessing is as well.
We choose a quite moment during the day to discuss these differences. Sometimes it's at a mealtime, just before a nap or bedtime, or during a walk or drive in the car.

Teaching the difference between wants, needs, and blessings:

A Want: A new toy
A Need: Sleep, food and water
A Blessing: Family who love me

Ask the child/children to name a want, need, and blessing. Be sure to let them know yours as well! Having this discussion help children stay focused and be personally aware.

It's just fine having many wants, it gives a an opportunity to set goals for ourselves.
Some things we want, we don't need. But it may make life more fun or easier.
We don't always get what we want, but there are plenty of blessings we have that we never had to ask for.

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