Saturday, June 26, 2010

helping kids get organized for school

Getting our kids to think in an organized fashion takes some preparation on our part before they learn to do it themselves. It can be as easy as ABC when we know what kids need for school. Having the right tools for organization is merely half the battle. However, if we start kids thinking to lean toward organization as early as possible, the battle won't be so tough later on!

The ABC's of helping kids get organized for school:
A= Age Appropriate. We have all seen kids with a humongous backpack trudging off to preschool or grade school. Although it may hold lots of stuff having the right sized backpack to the scale of their body is much easier and less cumbersome. The same goes for notebooks and writing or coloring materials. Younger children can manage chubby crayons and smaller notebooks for coloring while older children can handle more adult materials.
B= Being Specific. Label or subject specific, that is. Play clothes and pajamas simply stuffed in the backpack or one notebook for 5 subjects don't teach kids organization but it demonstrates sloppiness that tend to make kids uncomfortable and loose materials. Having labeled Ziplocs or small net bags (Lingerie bags work well) for various clothing work well and labeled folders and single notebooks for each child's subjects are much easier. Think for their backpack as more of a 3-D filing system and they will, too.
C= Color Code it. Even young children will recognize colors before they can read. If a red labeled Ziploc means extra play clothes and a blue labeled Ziploc means church clothes they will begin thinking in an organized fashion with confidence. Older kids can have each folder color coded for each subject. No more digging around for the right notebook! All yellow materials mean MATH!

Gathering materials help kids get excited about school! Whether it's for your summer or fall program, getting organized really has life long benefits with minimal preparation!


Theresa Milstein said...

Great advice!

My son just finished fifth-grade. He had a really hard time staying organized this year, so for middle school I'm going to have to be more on top of his binder and backpack.

Barbra Stephens said...

I've noticed this happens over time with kids. More work is given to them and they still have to manage it all. I think it's great your a concerned mom!